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Smart VMware backup with Central Management

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Protect your entire virtual environment with Xopero’s simple backup, dependable storage and smart recovery - all easily manageable by one advanced tool. Restore entire VMware machines in minutes and keep working no matter what.

VMware protection datasheet

  • Automatically protect your infrastructure.
  • Perform backup while your machine is running.
  • Launch your virtual machine for immediate use or restore it from up-to-date backup files.

Key features

Complete backup

Protect whole virtual environment: virtual machines, virtual applications, host-operating systems and host-based applications. No extra add-ons needed.

Image-level backup

Xopero backups full independent images of your VM’s.

Full control

Monitor and manage all backup sets across multiple hosts from a single tool, via the Management Center console.

No limits

Xopero protects paid and free editions of VMware ESXi machine (5.0 or newer).

Free up space

Xopero uses compression and deduplication to minimize backup size and to keep the use of storage space in check.

Hot backup

With Xopero you can backup a running VMware machine.


Xopero being an advanced solution is still fast and simple in use. Processes were automated so the backup policy management doesn’t take too much of your time.


Xopero uses advanced encryption algorithm (AES 256 CBC) to encrypt data on source host, and send it to the storage safely. Remote connections are also secured by SSL.

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