Protection of a large number of endpoints won’t be a problem anymore.

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Modern endpoint backup is being used to recover from any sort of a breakdown. It doesn’t matter if it’s caused by ransomware, natural disaster or human error - the endpoints have to be protected and there must be a fast way to recover them in case of a breakdown. No matter if we talk about 5 or 5000 devices.

How it works:

  • Install Xopero on the computer that you intend to back up.
  • Automatically protect your device.
  • Perform backup while doing your day-to-day work
  • Launch your computer for immediate use or restore it from up-to-date backup files.

Key features

Business solution

Xopero goes beyond just backing up data. You can sync & share any data with coworkers, archive them and easily migrate users’ system or applications settings.

Smart Recovery

DR feature gives the peace of mind that in case of a breakdown there will be no downtime. It allows IT admins to prepare the DR policy to have the most important devices ON at all the time.

End-to-end protection

Data is encrypted on your machine with AES 256 CBC before being sent to backup destination - which is much safer than the regular AES 256 encryption. With AES 256 CBC every next block is is encrypted using data from the previous element – that same process occurs during decryption.

Easy Management

Xopero provides integration with Active Directory which permits users to securely log into the backup client using their credentials.

Easy Data Migration

Ongoing issues with new and broken computer or a rotation of workforce requires from IT admins tools to easily move data or whole systems between old and new devices.

Easy Scalability

secure, manage, protect from one to thousands devices with deduplication and other optimizations

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