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The leading cooperative banking institution chooses XUP by Xopero to protect its data

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Solution: Xopero Unified Protection for endpoints, servers, and virtual machines

The Infrastructure which requires protection: Workstations, servers, and virtual machines

The Konin Cooperative Bank is the biggest cooperative banking institution in its region, and it has already been operating for more than 120 years. Being a leader in the local market, the institution owns 13 operational facilities interconnected by an IT system. What is more, the bank also operates in Turek and other 11 municipalities. In 2023, it became one of the Best Cooperative Banks in the Polish National Ranking and it is one of the most dynamically developing banks associated with the Cooperative Banking Group.

The Challenge

In order to develop and improve its performance, the bank is constantly expanding the scale of its activity, modernizing the infrastructure, and implementing new technologies. However, it can cause some challenges, including those related to the security of systems and data backup. As a result of digitalization and paperless strategies, financial institutions require the uninterrupted operation of their crucial systems and 24/7 access to all data, besides that they need reliable protection from cyberattacks. The financial industry has been at the forefront of the most frequently attacked areas of the economy for years.

Even though Konin Cooperative Bank did have a backup system in place before, it was only implemented at the headquarters, with no possibility of easy scaling and remote implementation in branch offices. The bank needed a unified backup software with a central management panel for its extensive infrastructure and numerous physical locations.

Xopero has provided an excellent solution for data backup at the headquarters and branch offices. Thanks to the various possibilities of backup performance, our physical and virtual environments, as well as, applications are securely protected. Data restoration is highly efficient and hassle-free.
Artur Wasiak, IT Manager
the Cooperative Bank in Konin

The Solution

Xopero Unified Protection was chosen during the process of detailed analysis of various solutions. The decisive opinion was issued by Servcomp, a company from Wroclaw in Poland, which provides services to Konin Cooperative Bank. Xopero conquered the institution with its security features, seamless communication, efficient support of the Customer Success department, and competitive pricing. Noteworthy was the fact that Xopero is a Polish manufacturer, and the bank's specialists can rely on service and rapid technical support in their native language.

Automatization and smooth operation

Special value for the bank specialists plays the possibility of grouping devices and creating backup plans to meet the bank’s stringent requirements. Now they can easily manage their backup plans, being sure that Xopero Unified Protection remains unobtrusive to the smooth operation of protected user devices, and eliminates bandwidth throttling. What may seem obvious to us has proven to be a significant advantage for the customer as with their previous backup solution, employees complained about slow equipment performance during backup operations.

Central Management

Thanks to Xopero Unified Protection, bank administrators can manage the backup policy from a single central console that provides them with additional statistics, the ability to generate SLA reports, a configurable notification system, and a wide range of functionalities aimed at improving the efficiency of all security audits, which are prevalent in the financial industry.

Effective protection against ransomware

Backup is a final line of protection and, thus, one of the basic methods for protecting infrastructure against ransomware. Thanks to automated backups, you can instantly restore data from before it was encrypted by malicious software. Additionally, Xopero Unified Protection is equipped with a ransomware protection package that eliminates the consequences of encryption attacks, and, what’s more, secures the data storage against malware being spread in it. This package embraces features such as immutable storage (WORM-compliant storage), non-executable formats in which backup copies are stored, a multi-storage system, and replication between any storage instances.

The software also protects the customer from unauthorized access to backup copies. All backups are encrypted with the AES algorithm, recognized as the most reliable one in the world. Administrators are granted full access control with the possibility to add more users, assign their roles, and grant additional permissions.


Both IT administrators and other employees of the Konin Cooperative Bank have benefited from Xopero Unified Protection. They’ve got a completely new experience of backing up and restoring data across their extensive infrastructure. Thanks to the advanced data protection features, the critical data of the bank is protected; and automation guarantees that everything operates according to the settled plan - definitely faster and smoother than the previous backup solution.

The banking sector in Poland is considered to be the most attractive target for cybercriminals. That’s why, banks, along with other financial entities must continuously develop their technological facilities (including backup) to always stay one step ahead of cybercriminals. And we are grateful that banking institutions choose Xopero Unified Protection to ensure their business continuity.

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