Why backup Microsoft 365?

Cyber threats, data protection and shared responsibility model

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Understanding Microsoft's Shared responsibility model

Myriad businesses worldwide rely on Microsoft 365 suite. Users think their data is not only safely stored in the cloud but also backed up and recoverable. It is a pretty unsafe misinterpretation. Microsoft ensures mostly high availability and access to its suite and data. While backup and data protection are the users’ responsibility.

Let’s see how Xopero can help you protect your data in the shared responsibility model and make sure your Microsoft 365 suite data is backed up and recoverable in case of any event of failure.

What our customers say about us?

Implementation of Xopero QNAP Appliance hit the spot. It allowed us to collect and secure data from servers and endpoints, along with the possibility to store them in a different branch. Now it takes much less time to manage all our backup processes – instead of a dozen hours, just one hour per month.
For the first time since 18 months, managing backups runs really smoothly. Xopero QNAP Appliance is one of a few solutions which offers centralized backup management and easy testing of DR policy - and it costs me less than 60 USD a year per working station.
Jeremy Stevens
I run a transport company, which has three branches in Poland. The biggest challenge has been endpoint security - we store almost all our business data on computers - databases and mailboxes With Xopero Cloud all data is sent to the cloud. And in case of failure we are able to quickly restore it. Additionally, Xopero offers unlimited endpoint and server protection, so I don’t have to worry about increasing our IT infrastructure.
Robert Dreczkowski
Our company was looking for a reliable backup solution to secure critical data – not only stored on workstations, physical and virtual machines but mobile devices as well. With Xopero Cloud we have gained so much more. Data security is extremely important, but the Briefcase application - extra secure Sync & Share platform - was a really nice surprise. Now collaboration on business documents have a new quality.
Anna Stasic
Due to a virus attack the content of my mailbox almost entirely disappeared. Fortunately, thanks to Xopero Cloud a recovery of all lost e-mails took less than 15 minutes.
Robert Ubysz
After a negative experience with a previous backup solution, we decided to get Xopero Backup&Restore. The implementation did not involve any additional costs or modification of our IT infrastructure. In addition, central management and automation have allowed us to save a lot of time, which was previously devoted to backup policies management.
Mariusz Lutowski
Xopero Backup & Restore has proved itself 100 percent and, more importantly, had an unbeatable price. It has offered all the functionality we required, with simple implementation on our IT infrastructure and maximum endpoint security.
The Protection Agency GWARANT


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By clicking "Free download" you confirm that you understand our data protection policy, and list of sub-processors.