The most cost effective DR functionalities - protect, restore and get back to business at anytime

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Launch a system from your virtual machine without performing a full restore or converting backup files to a different format. This way, even if you experience some serious disaster and data loss, you are able to maintain a really low RTO and provide a quick access to all virtualized data&devices.

DR datasheet

  • Support for physical and virtual infrastructure.
  • Recover data by running virtual instances of your device with RTO below 15 minutes.
  • Bring back OS, all applications and databases in their most current state to your IT environment
  • No-risk data migration and device refresh.

Key features

Smart disaster recovery

Launch a virtual instance of your backed up devices or boot a backup image into a virtual machine. The fastest way to virtualize a system or device and easily restore your business environment.

Smart backup testing

Booting a backup image into a virtual machine you can easily verify that your backup works just fine and find first hand if your restored system is going to work properly.

Temporary system failover

Create a temporary VM of a failed server or workstation with Smart Recovery. Your virtualized device has everything in it that the original workstation did, so you can continue your work even few minutes after a failure.

Safe software testing

Launch a VM of the production system's latest backup file and install the new or updated application on the new VM to evaluate if this operation doesn’t bring any risk to your production system.

Smart archiving

Use Smart Recovery to boot an archived OS image. The resulting VM will contain both the archived data and the application that opens the files.

Extra low RTO

Get your business back online within minutes. Boot your system or device in less than 15 minutes.

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