Case study: Mining Industry

Bogdanka Coal Mine adopts Xopero ONE to ensure data protection, business continuity, and security compliance

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Solution: Xopero ONE Backup&Recovery

Challange: large IT infrastructure, numerous workstations, servers and VM hosts

Bogdanka Coal Mine, which has already been on the market for over 40 years, is one of the leading producers of hard coal in Poland. It stands out in the industry not only for its excellent financial results but also for its high mining efficiency and ambitious investment plans, including the exploration of new deposits. The company has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 2009; and it has been part of the ENEA Group, an operator of strategic services in the energy industry, since 2015. As one of the largest employers in the region, it has over 5K employees, with 3,5K of whom work at depths. Bogdanka also actively supports culture, sports, and stands as a patron of a healthy, active lifestyle, and safety in the southeastern part of Poland.

The company undergoes audits annually to comply with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 standards.


The Communication and Methanometry Department is a direct user of Xopero ONE Backup & Recovery solution. It has a complex infrastructure, which consists of dozens of workstations and virtual machines, several servers, all of which must operate uninterruptedly. The communication systems and gasometric systems gather a large amount of data continuously. The systematic analysis of these data is vital for the smooth functioning of the facility, as it ensures safety and healthy conditions for several thousand employees.

The main reason to deploy Xopero ONE Backup & Recovery was that the coal mining company wanted to ensure the comprehensive security of its systems and data, as well as to maintain the uninterrupted functioning of its departments and a healthy environment for the employees. Moreover, Bogdanka was looking for a certified solution that would help the company comply with strict legal regulations and internal policies.


Within the recommendation of Comfortel, the company responsible for the comprehensive modernization of the company’s telephone communication system, the specialists at Bogdanka decided to try deploying Xopero ONE.

Before implementing the backup solution Xopero Software provides, the coal mining company used several options from different manufacturers to back up its data. It caused difficulties in system management and required much time and effort from the company’s employees to deal with. After implementing Xopero ONE, Bogdanka Coal Mine has got a comprehensive, unified, and fully manageable backup solution, which allows the company to save time, money, and administrators' work.

Xopero ONE effectively addresses the company's most considerable cybersecurity challenges. It guarantees the uninterrupted operation of the company’s systems and the immediate restore of its critical data, vital for the safety of employees. It also facilitates Bogdanka’s compliance with highly demanding industry standards, legal regulations, and internal policies. The implementation of Xopero ONE Backup & Recovery has substantially enhanced the company's existing cybersecurity experience, allowing for consistent operations and data protection.

Thanks to Xopero Software, we managed to meet compliance with underground mining industry standards, which includes automating data archiving and creating backup copies for connection bills, connection attempts, and measurement results
Michał Mrugała, Chief Electrician for Communication and Methanometry Equipment
Bogdanka Coal Mine

The outcome of deploying Xopero ONE

The integration of Xopero ONE software into the company's hardware matrix allows the coal mining company to collect data and store backup copies in a fully automated manner, which helps Bogdanka’s team save time and concentrate all their effort on the efficient handling of production processes. Thanks to the multi-tenancy feature, it is possible to add roles and permissions, making data and software access hierarchical and impossible to obtain outside of designated access points.

What’s more, advanced Disaster Recovery technologies ensure that the coal mining company can efficiently restore its data and systems, thus guaranteeing the continuity of branch operations.

Fortunately, we have not experienced any security incidents or data loss so far, and implementing Xopero has further reduced the likelihood of such events.
Chief Electrician for Communication and Methanometry Equipment
Bogdanka Coal Mine

The coal mining company highly evaluated Xopero ONE's advanced backup policy. Thanks to the possibility of instant use of predefined plans or any custom configuration, Bogdanka managed to adjust the backup processes to fulfill its objectives, requirements, and priorities.

Moreover, the solution offers unlimited and flexible scalability, along with a user-friendly interface, facilitating efficient and convenient management. If necessary, it can easily adapt the backup solution to meet the growing needs of the company’s data protection strategy.

Finally, advanced security features, audit reporting, access control, and automation ensure Bogdanka’s compliance with industry standards and strict regulations prevalent in the underground mining industry.

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