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Sometimes just backup is not enough. As a hardware or system failure could happen any time, without right monitoring your backed up data could get corrupted just as easily. As a result your backup copies will be completely unusable. With Xopero tool-box this black scenario will never come true.

How to start:

  • Technologies built in.
  • Install Xopero, configure the backup and set automation.
  • Xopero will do the rest.

Key features

Checksum control

You don’t need to worry if your data has been backed up correctly. Each files is checked with SHA1 to ensure it’s exactly the same data in the backup.

Scalable failover storage repository

To protect your data, it can be stored on separate storage devices redundantly – the backup is saved simultaneously on each device. Even if one of them fails, your precious data is still available on the others.

Storage checker

Xopero also checks if all the storages are available before creating backup. If one of the storages is unavailable, Xopero automatically uses different one.

Self-healing backup chain:

If our application detects a damaged or missing file in the backup chain it will automatically react and create a new full backup to continue the chain.

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