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Complete data protection of remote locations / offices


Xopero helps you deliver enterprise-level data protection across all of your branches – no matter where those offices are and how large IT infrastructure is.


  • Branch office computers and servers are generally backed up by non-technical IT staff who do not have the skills to handle it properly.
  • Data is not being backed up on a consistent basis too, so backup policy is usually compromised as well.
  • The amount of data is constantly growing. That’s why backup and the data protection in general have become vital problems that organizations must deal with.
  • People working remotely or in your branch offices have the most direct contact with customers. From which they collect vital data for your business. Losing this information due to human error, a device failure or even a natural disaster, could cause some real problems for your organization.

Key benefits from choosing Xopero

Unified DP policy

Xopero eliminates the need to use and manage multiple backup solutions. You can protect infrastructure in branch office and HQ with our dedicated central management console.

File & image level protection

Xopero allows file and image level backup. You have the flexibility to recover whole devices or any file just in a few clicks.

Disaster recovery

Launch a virtual instance of your backed up devices or boot a backup image into a virtual machine. The fastest way to virtualize a system or device and easily restore your business environment.

Simplified migration

Easily migrates data or whole devices from P2P, P2V, V2P and V2V.

No end-user involvement

The ability to schedule and manage backup jobs centrally makes little end-user involvement required.


Secure, manage, protect from one to thousands devices with deduplication and other optimizations.

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