1. General provisions

This document is a guaranteed service level agreement between Xopero Software and End Customer regarding the provision of IT services necessary to operate and maintain their condition.

The priority of technical support is quick response and problem resolution. That's why we provide four troubleshooting channels. Our specialists are available from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 16:00 CET at the phone number +48 95 740 20 40 ext. 3. Ticket system is serviced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, we are constantly updating our knowledge base - the online collection of tips available here.

2. Agreement update

Xopero Software reserves the right to amend this guaranteed Service Level Agreement without prior notice.

3. Recommendations

Before the purchase, we encourage you to take advantage of the full Xopero trial period. The infrastructure of each client is unique, so it is worth checking whether the product works properly and satisfactorily in your environment - without any obligations, under a trial license.

4. Scope of support

As part of the subscription/trial period Xopero Software provides assistance in the installation, configuration and use of software, solving technical problems and workarounds.

We provide support in Polish and English.

Free licenses do not include technical support.

5. Response time

Xopero Software will make every effort to maintain the following data in terms of response time and to solve technical problems. The following statistics may not translate into reality for errors caused by third-party software.

Response Time


First reply

Temporary solution or work-around

Complete solution


≤ 1 hour

≤ 1 day

5 business days


≤ 2 hours

≤ 2 days

14 business days


≤ 4 hours

≤ 5 days

Next release


≤ 4 hours


Next release

6. What information should I prepare before contacting Xopero technical support?

In order to improve the work related to analyzing and solving the problem, please attach the following information in the application:

  • E-mail address,

  • Description of the problem - preferably along with the error recreate path,

  • Information about the operating system,

  • The Xopero product you use,

  • Application version

  • License type

  • Screenshots and application logs with the problem you are reporting.

Xopero Software is not responsible for failure to meet service level goals in the event that the subscriber fails to provide the necessary information on request.

7. Report in the ticket system

To report a problem in our system simply use the form available HERE

8. Self-service options

Xopero also provides instructions and educational materials available online 365/24/7 that allow you to solve the problem individually. They include:

8.1 Knowledge base available at support.xopero.com/hc. It includes, among others: step-by-step instructions and advice on how to use the application, known problems, or answers to frequently asked questions.

8.2 Guides and tutorials on the YouTube channel - where specially prepared recordings and webinars are available.

Levels and definitions of problems




Problems directly related to the Xopero infrastructure. Incidents involving the server providing the service or its backup.


A critical problem that results in a product or service not working - this includes major operations such as back up, data restore, significant performance issues, or service availability. The situation has a significant impact on business operations.


Errors that affect the main features of a product or service, however, there is a workaround for them. The problem is significant, but it does not have a significant impact on business operations.


Questions and information about the product. Minor problems, interface errors that have little impact on the product or functionality of the service.

9. Maintenance intervals

9.1 Planned

In order to update and maintain infrastructure performance, Xopero performs maintenance breaks that may require suspension of certain services during maintenance. We will make every effort to inform subscribers in advance of any planned maintenance break that may affect the customer's use of the services.

9.2. Emergency

In an emergency, the Xopero system may require maintenance - installing security patches or replacing hardware. In these situations, Xopero will not be able to notify subscribers in advance of the necessary maintenance.