Optimize the storage usage
and backup performance

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Time is priceless when it comes to business. It’s not renewable, so when you are wasting it, it costs your money. Because it has such great value, we want you to perform all tasks in the shortest possible time. Therefore Xopero solutions utilize the latest technologies to optimize backup processes.

Most data stored on your devices change very slowly. Only small percent of the information is modified on a daily basis.

Key features

Incremental and differential backup

Xopero allows you to set the incremental and differential backups which are better option for daily basis protection. Differential backup backs up only the files that changed or only data that changed in this files since the last full backup. Incremental backup backs up only the data that has been changed since the last backup — be it a full or incremental backup.

Data deduplication

Deduplication eliminates redundant data in your backup chain. Any additional copies of that same data are deleted. Reducing the amount of data to transmit across the network can save significant amount of time and bring down the cost of data storage.


The process of reducing file size by encoding the data in more efficient way. The smaller file size increases transfer rate, which makes both backing up and restoring data much faster. By reducing files size, you also reduce the amount of storage space used to store it later.

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